Effect yarns

We provide you with yarns / yarns such as Boucles, Loops, flame patterns, and other variants. Our effect yarns are used for the production of home textiles (furniture, decorative, and curtain fabrics), as well as for clothing and automotive textiles.

We would be glad to offer you a comprehensive consultation. We also modify our yarns and twists according to your individual wishes and adjustments. Let us inspire you, and get in contact with us.

From natural raw materials

stylish flame twill

  • Nm 16/2
  • Flake yarn
  • 70% VIC / 30% LI
  • orange

Rohweißer Dochtzwirn

  • Nm 0,7
  • slubbing
  • 100% WV
  • black & white

Flake yarn from natural raw materials

  • Nm 15/1
  • Flame
  • 100% BW card.
  • natural white
Color card
From synthetic raw materials

Modern Mouliné yarn.

  • Nm 6,0
  • Mouliné yarn
  • FxFol white
  • 70% PES
  • Green shimmering
Color card

Pretty red soft bouclé

  • Nm 3,9
  • Soft bouclé
  • 70% PES MICRO
  • orange/red
Color card

Super soft Soft Bouclé

  • Nm 7,0
  • Soft Bouclé
  • 70% PES-MICRO
  • natural white
color card

raw white flake yarn from synthetic raw materials

  • Nm 6/1 – 85/1
  • Soft-Bouclé
  • Various materials
  • PES, PES-Noppy/nub yarn/slub yarn/knopyarn, DRALON, PAC
  • natural white/high matt
Color card


  • Nm 5,7
  • Chenille Effect
  • 100%
  • natural white
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The yarns presented here represent a selection of our range. We are specialized in reacting to the requirements of our customers quickly and reliably and to enable individual products of the highest quality.

Please contact us and let us discuss your project requirements.